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30 Harry Potter Quiz, Trivia, Question and Answer

Here we are publish some harry potter quiz in this page. In simple word we can say that we are published here some harry potter questions and answer. If you are want to stay in Hogwarts world and if you have curiosity about to know more and more about wizard world so please read these question and find them answer. Harry potter is a great novel and fabulous movie written by JK Rowlling. Harry potter is a world of magic where every type of magic taught by expert teachers.

Top 30 Harry Potter Quiz, Trivia, Question and Answer

1) Who is harry potter
2) Who is the half blood prince
3) Who plays voldemort
4) Who plays harry potter
5) Who wrote harry potter
6) Who put harry's name in the goblet of fire
7) Who plays draco malfoy
8) Who isthe boy who lived
9) Who is rab in harry potter
10) Who played hagrid
11) Who killed Dumbledore
12) Who does harry potter marry
13) Who is JK Rowling
14) Who killed fred weasley
15) Who is the heir of slytherin
16) Who played dumbledore in harry potter
17) Who is harry potter's godfather
18) What flavour are Bertie Bott’s beans
19) How many staircases does hogwarts have
20) What animal represents hufflepuff 
21) How many houses are there in harry potter
22) What is hermione's cat's name
23) How many harry potter movies are there in total
24) What position does harry play on the gryffindor quidditch team
25) How did harry and ron get to hogwarts their second year
26) What is Tom Riddle’s middle name
27) What is the name of hagrid's huge dog
28) What is dumbledore's brother's name
29) Who plays cedric diggory in harry potter
30) Which class has a different teacher every year

Harry potter trivia told you about the all information about the harry potter movies. It has total eight parts. In the movie harry is a child who born in the middle of July and beat the unkind wizard voldemort. when he was born voldemort tried to kill harry but he failed after that Dumbledore left him for his aunt house. When he was eleven years old he again comes back in Hogwarts school. When he entered some incident happened that create danger all around school. Harry always saved the school. When voldemort again came back he fought with voldemort and defeats him. When you can read the harry potter quiz you know about the reality of wizard world.